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史上破天荒 最高回饋30%!全館滿3000送300,主題餐廳再加碼300!刷台灣Pay最高再送300!

    Price NT$ 1,400 Special Offer NT$ 1,260

    This ultra-advanced mineral rich formula will tan and hydrate without any greasy after feel. Added melanin intensifiers and natural bronzers will allow for quick, natural looking color without the use of DHA. Ideal for male and female tanners.


    Price NT$ 1,500 Special Offer NT$ 1,350

    This double dip approved formula produces an immediate, flawless, radiant tan, energize the skin for richer, deeper color and helps to improve the overall well-being of the skin. Formulated for those tanners who have chosen to utilize both the spray tan and tanning in the same day. Your skin will be prepped and ready to get fast, dark tanning results without the need to apply a separate product. Infused with Lychee Fruit and Dead Sea Mineral Complex to help repair skin damage and improve tone & texture. When it comes to your skin, Mineral Sun PureTM is the way to go...Pure + simple!


    Price NT$ 1,500 Special Offer NT$ 1,350

    This Mineral rich super dark bronzing lotion is formulated for those who want it dark! Mineral Sun Black is infused with natural skin refining agents plus Cinnamon, Carrot Oil and Coffee extracts, which allow this ultra-hydrating formula to target and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and firm the skin, as well as allow your own natural tanning results to develop instantly! For results without the wait, demand black!


    Price NT$ 1,700 Special Offer NT$ 1,530

    This highly advanced mineral blend is formulated for all bronzing enthusiasts Infused with the new Matcha Green Tea, Argan Oil, and multiple tanning technologies will allow your own natural tanning results develop quickly while helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and rm the skin. When it comes to your skin... only go VIP!