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Solar customers are often asking how to make their customers’ suntan better or how to prolong it in order to spur them to come back. This is possible if the customer follows some norms that we are just about to show.

First of all, it is important to know that our skin completely regenerates after about 28 days and it is useless to try to keep one’s suntan over this period. With some simple tricks we can make our suntan look better and give us a healthy appearance.

For example it is advisable to have a complete skin scrub before having a sunlamp, in order to eliminate all the death cells on the surface. This will guarantee a better return of the sunlamp and more gloss to our skin. If the scrub is done after that, we will eliminate the death cells but also a part of color, shortening the duration of our suntan.

The great enemy of suntan and skin is dehydration which takes gloss and color away from our skin, desquamating it and increasing the visibility of wrinkles. The countersign is to MOISTURIZE. Get hold of a good moisturizer and a proper after sun to spread every day. Furthermore prefer the shower rather than the bath because the latter tends to wash away the natural sebum which covers our skin and it tends to dry it out. Speaking of which: Have you ever noticed that coming back from exotic places we often lose part of our suntan? That’s the effect of the air travel which, with its dry air, accelerates the process of suntan loss.

A further “help” to suntan comes from food and from diet. As many people know, a diet rich in carrots is an affective cure-all for suntan.

Beta-carotene which is contained in carrots is a precursor of vitamin A (it could be transformed into vitamin A), which stimulates the production of melanin. It also has a protective function from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Beta-carotene also has countless advantages , such as a general protection from potentially harmful substances, a help for the sight, for tissue repair and to maintain soft and smooth skin.

We can find it not only in carrots, but in all orange fruits and vegetables. It is also present in large quantities in cod liver and in cod liver oil, which are not the backbone of summer diet.

Lastly Smart advises not to use self-tanning. The suntan we get with these products is not natural and uniform. If the suntan is vanishing too rapidly, remember to hydrate skin often and, if you really need a more lasting color, have a low pressure sunlamp session.

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