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How many Tanning Sessions to get a Tan? How many Tanning Sessions can we have in a week?

The first question with which someone enters into the world of suntan is: How many Tanning Sessions to get a Tan?” or how many tanning lamps may I have in a week?”

For both questions the answer is a little bit more articulated than a simple number.

First of all it is necessary to determine the PHOTOTYPE of the person who has the session.

Phototypes must be determined by the responsible beauty expert who, thanks to his/her formation, is the most indicated person to identify the right phototype. To have an explanation about what is the phototype and how it can be identified, (with a proper table), you can have a look at this page.

In general the solarium has a beneficial effect on our organism and on our immune system until the 1 Med (minimum erythematous doses) which is the individual limit for the person who assumes UV. This limit changes according to the person. Generally speaking one or two tanning lamps per week are ok for every phototype.

Once the phototype has been determined, it is also important to understand which are the demands of the person  who has the session.

The differences between high and low pressure technologies might move our choice on a machine rather than on another.

Smart Solarium devices represent the excellence in both areas, with the maximum attention to what is the security of the ones who use the solarium.

Perfect Tan

To get the best tan color ever you have to combine different sessions (valid for all the phototypes even if with different session times). As a matter of facts, thanks to its UVB elevated doses, low pressure technology has a less immediate effect (it comes out only after 4-5 hours after the session) and it is more “aggressive” on the skin, leading to a little irritation, but it has the notable effect of stimulating melanocytes to the production of new melanin.


High pressure technology has a higher percentage of UVA and it has a more immediate effect with the oxidation of the melanin already present.


The best suntan is obtained starting a series of 1-3 low pressure sessions (of 8-12 minutes according to the phototype) and going on with high pressure sessions (10-14 minutes). The first will create new melanin, the second one will color, giving a natural persistent and lasting bronze.


Be tan for a single event

If we need a perfect tan for a night and we need a rapid tanning process, in the case of clear phototypes (few melanin), it is better to prefer low pressure technology which could irritate a little but it will have a great effect. High pressure technology is better for dark phototypes (with a lot of melanin) which will have an immediate effect which will vanish in 3-4 days.

To conclude with a synthetic answer: There’s no a precise quantity of how many tanning lamps we can have in a week or in a year (the legal maximum limit is 25000 J in a year, which depends from the device),  but  a right value could be 2 tanning lamps per week.

As to how many tanning lamps we need to tan, even one is enough, but it must be of the right type.

Remember that a lot depends on the quality of the devices which could be variable. Smart Solarium guarantees the security of its devices which are constructed following the most severe European norms and they bronze assuring security to the customer.

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